Entertainment Wed, 1 Nov 2017

Ghanaian musicians are scared of change – VVIP

The regular legendary strip on YFM’s Myd-Morning show had VVIP music group to spend some time in the studio.

A fun quality time on the most preferred mid-morning radio show turned to a sensational one when one of the group members was passionately vocal about the future of Ghana music.

Asked whether the new school of musicians are doing great, they mentioned how there are a lot of “BS in the game” and “Ghanaian musicians being scared to speak against certain practices that doesn’t help the industry”.

According to the group “Ghanaian radio and TV stations are supposed to showcase more indigenous music so that tourists in the country learn more of our crafts when they’re in the country as oppose to giving them similar contents from their country they’re already used to, since foreign radio stations play more of their own”.

The group pointed out the need to come together as a unit to campaign against things that does not help them in the industry.

The group also advocated for respecting our legends in the different sectors of the Ghanaian industry.

VIP now VVIP has been making music in Ghana for close to 20 years and they see themself still relevant in the next 5 years.
Source: yfmghana.com