Ghanaians are not worth dying for – Efia Odo

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Wed, 9 Mar 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

‘Emotional’ Efia Odo states reason for quitting #FixTheCountry movement

Efia Odo recounts how her participation in the movement traumatized her mother

Efia Odo narrates how her life was threatened

Popular Ghanaian socialite, Efia Odo, has disclosed that she withdrew from the #FixTheCountry movement because the country is not worth dying for.

Stating reasons for throwing in the towel, Efia Odo said although she received death threats from politicians, it was disheartening to note that she was also battered by the same people she fought for.

According to her, aside her widely reported arrest, she received messages from individuals who among other things threatened to disfigure her face with acid bombs.

But speaking in an interview with Andy Dosty monitored by GhanaWeb, Efia Odo explained that the trauma her mother suffered from her participation in the movement was tormenting.

She said the life-threatening attacks and countless pleas from her mother made her rescind the decision to continue her activism with the group.

“I have been maltreated everyday of my life on social media. Abusive words, threats and all, from Ghanaians. I took them lightly but my family didn’t. I also realized that Ghanaians are not worth me dying for, that’s why I stopped the demonstration. I won’t die for Ghana. I’m my mother’s eldest daughter, I can’t die for Ghanaians. My mother asked me to stop the protest and I will listen to her,” she stated.

Efia Odo, however, stated that she will continue to support Ghanaians through her ‘Odo Nti’ foundation.

“I have the Odo Nti foundation, I can help Ghanaians in my little small way. If the government has refused to help Ghanaians, I can do the little I can but I won’t kill myself for these people,” she stressed.

The FixTheCountry Movement started off as a social media push for accountability and good governance. The first protest took place online before convenors formed a group that has undertaken on-ground protests in 2021.

One of the core points of advocacy for the group is the call for a new constitution.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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