Entertainment Mon, 2 Aug 2021

Ghanaians pretend not to see people’s hard work – Kwaku Zyme

Fast-rising Ghanaian rap artist and music producer, Kwaku Zyme, has expressed his heartbreak over Ghanaians’ reception to artistes at their upcoming stages.

Kwaku Zyme, who is still pushing very hard to go mainstream with his musical craft, told host, Doctar Cann on Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra that he has been thinking a lot because he wants to blow with his music, however, things are not exactly going in the best direction for him.

When he was asked how he is faring, Kwaku replied, “I’m doing well but everything is not okay with me because I want to blow. I pray but the overthinking is real too. I believe in what I’m doing but we live in a country where people can pretend not to see your hard work”.

Dr. Cann advised him not to talk like that because he is a good artist and he is doing a good job so far. “Looking at this song and video that you have put out, if I were you, I wouldn’t talk like this and even if it’s so, I’d overlook it”, he advised.

“If you do a good job, it will be recognized. When I’m listening to the radio and I hear your songs, I’m always proud of you because I think you’re doing well and you’re going far. Even looking at the instrumentation behind your song ‘jealousy’, you shouldn’t talk like that because you’re good”, the host further urged him.

He also disclosed to the artiste that the situation is no different abroad therefore, even if he was to be doing his music in a foreign country, he still would take a long time to blow if he does not put in as much hard work as is needed.

Hence, all he needs to do is work hard and believe in his craft, and at the right time, he will gain the recognition he deserves.
Source: etvghana.com