God is interested in the heart, not the body - Sonnie Badu defends tattoo

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Tue, 17 May 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Sonnie Badu gets a tattoo

Popular preacher sends message to his critics

Dr Badu says he doesn't care about people's opinion concerning his life

Ghanaian gospel musician and preacher, Dr Sonnie Badu has explained that he had a reason for getting his much-talked-about tattoo which many have argued is sinful in the eyes of the Lord.

Responding to critics, he noted that God is interested in the heart, soul and mind of believers and not their bodies. He has urged the public to change their negative thinking and instead focus on things that matter and how they can be an inspiration to others.

The singer also gave instances of how people the society considers as good and clean indulge in the worst crimes whilst those wrongly judged impact the society positively.

"It is high time certain mentalities change. If it does, we will do more exploration and be able to influence a lot of people. I know people will quote scriptures but I have met people who look clean but they are the worst criminals. We will leave this body here on earth, it will decompose within one year. It is not the body God is interested in. It is the heart, your soul, your mind," the singer disclosed in an interview on Zionfelix TV.

The 'Baba' hitmaker and head pastor of RockHill Church added that he doesn't care about people's opinions but is instead bothered about what close relatives have to say about the choices he makes.

"So long as my mother doesn't have a problem, My wife, father, and my children don't have a problem, everybody's opinion really doesn't matter to me. I know why I did it, I know why I put it here. To me, it is we striving to do good, and influence people right...sometimes it is better not to respond, so long as your heart feels right about it, go ahead and do it," he charged.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com