Entertainment Tue, 9 Sep 2014

Hannah Parkson puts faith in her listeners

Hannah Parkson, Pink FM’s news presenter, is one of the few female presenters in Ghana who has been able to stand the test of time to prove her mettle in the broadcasting fraternity.

Hannah could best be described as highly-motivated, determined, and confident and thrives on challenges. Ms Parkson added that she has indeed studied the trend of the radio industry in Ghana and ready to work extra hard to meet the demand of her listeners.

The outspoken radio presenter, who is also known as Gargantuan Lady on radio, told BEATWAVES that the only way one can maintain his or her listeners on radio is to learn and not to relax, adding, “Pink 96.9 FM has given me a bigger platform and I can confirm that my listenership base has increased and reached beyond the borders of the country.”

From a humble beginning, Hannah started her radio carrier at Kantinka FM before joining Pink FM. Hannah, who originally took radio presentation as a hobby, has gone deep in broadcasting and is currently contemplating becoming an actress and a movie producer.

When asked whether she has been successful on Pink FM, she responded by saying, “My best judges would be the listeners. But I can say it has been splendid and tremendous. I get a lot of positive feedbacks. It feels amazing that many people do not know me by face yet follow me on radio.”

Hannah, who was grateful to listeners of Pink FM for their immense contribution, said, “The listeners of Pink FM showed me a lot of love; they accepted me faster than I expected and I owe them one.”
Source: Daily Guide