He sent a text message to say ‘it’s over’ – Beauty queen recounts heartbreak experience

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Tue, 8 Jun 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

• Bunorkie Puplampu's relationship with her first boyfriend started on a good note until he became uncomfortable with her posture

• The then-boyfriend loved to communicate with her a lot but she was more reserved

• Her attempt to see a change in narrative was one that yielded no results, hence the breakup

Bunorkie Puplampu, the 2nd Princess of Miss Tertiary Ghana 2020 has shared an unforgettable tale of heartbreak as she has chronicled events that led to a painful breakup with her first boyfriend.

Taking her turn on The Exes Show hosted by Ato Kwamina Aikins, Bunorkie admitted to being stubborn, a trait that necessitated the breakup. That separation, she mentioned, was communicated to her via a text message.

“He left me,” she said. “I guess I was too stubborn. I was trying my best [to change]. I was stubborn. He always said I stressed him out and, in a way, I always felt it was true. Maybe at a point in time, I wasn’t so ready to be in a relationship.”

Her stubborn nature, she expounded, was due to her upbringing.

According to her, they had a conversation about her attitude and the need to change but it appeared her snail pace towards the desired result was rather problematic for her then-boyfriend, Nana Kwame.

“He wanted us to be talking always but sometimes, I also wanted to be free and all by myself because all my life, I’ve always been all by myself. A change overnight was so difficult for me. Even though I was trying, it was not as he wanted it,” she said.

“He sent a text and was like ‘if this is how things are going to be, then I can’t continue anymore'. I didn’t say anything. I went home to cry.”

On how their journey began, Bunorkie said Nana Kwame was her “friend’s brother’s friend”.

“I was in secondary school and a friend introduced him to me. It was a WhatsApp chat for a month until we met and decided to go out. He told me he likes me and I said ‘ok’. He was nice in terms of looks. I got to know him for a while before accepting his proposal."

She admired Nana Kwame a lot because the moments they shared are pleasurable and equally unforgettable. One trait she would remember him for was his stern measures.

She said: “We went to the beach; not once, not twice. And he always wants you to do the right thing. He’s very strict. For instance, he insisted I get baptized. He was good to me, I don't regret knowing him. If all guys were like him, there wouldn't have been exes because, honestly, the guy was very good."

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com