Here’s Black Sherif’s controversial stare at Mr. Logic that everyone is talking about

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Sun, 3 Apr 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Black Sherif’s stern look at an entertainment pundit causes a stir online

Black Sherif reacts to Mr. Logic’s submissions on live TV

Mr. Logic blasts Ghanaians over E-Levy uproar

While Mr. Logic was making his submissions on UTV’s United Showbiz, Black Sherif, one of the guests seated on the show couldn’t hide his displeasure.

The cameras fell on the ‘Second Sermon’ hitmaker and he was caught giving the controversial pundit a stern look, an act, which has triggered excitement from fans on social media.

Mr. Logic was speaking on the ‘complaining nature’ of Ghanaians and how citizens have blamed successive governments for their woes and Black Sherif somewhat disagreed with his eyes.

“You will start blaming John Mahama because twelve years ago he was president and you feel he has destroyed so many things. Now Nana Addo is in power and for the past eight years we are still saying things are not well. Let’s start being very responsible. We always like to complain and that’s why we don’t develop as a country. Complaining left and right. Fuel this fuel that. E-Levy this E-Levy that and so on. Poverty is a choice. You decide to be poor and so if you’re poor don’t make certain statements and drag people along with you.” These were his statements that triggered Black Sherif’s wild gaze.

Nonetheless, Mr. Logic, for reasons best known to himself has declared a silent war on Black Sherif’s craft and this is evident anytime the singer’s name pops up on every platform he(Logic) finds himself on.

Since Black Sherif’s emergence into Ghana’s music scene, Mr. Logic has made it his business to find faults in the Hip-Hop artiste even when the whole world seems to be in his favour.

Most recent of all his critiques was when he lambasted the singer for what he described as excessive noise making in his songs.

Mr. Logic who reacted to Black Sherif’s new single, ‘Kwaku the Traveler’, lambasted the musician’s style and called for diversification.

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