Highlife musicians need to be versatile – KK Fosu

KK Fosu New Performance Highlife musician, KK Fosu

Mon, 3 Jan 2022 Source: happyghana.com

Ghanaian highlife musician, KK Fosu, has proposed a solution to help highlife artistes, especially underground ones, to be able to gain recognition in order to stay relevant.

Speaking on Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra with host, Doctar Cann, he observed that a lot of highlife artistes are stuck in their ‘one-way’ style of doing highlife music and that is why they are not progressing.

“We shouldn’t be one-way. As a musician, if you’re one-way, you’ll always stay underground, especially the highlife musicians,” he said.

Again, KK Fosu indicated that most of the highlife musicians have been off the scenes for a very long time because they feel like they need to do what is technically best for them as musicians.

However, “You need to think about the audience too. Whatever they tell you that they want, just give it to them.”

He advised that it is very important to listen to the audience and give them what they want, not what the artiste thinks is best. He noted nevertheless, that in all of this, it is also very necessary for artistes to make sure that their artistic experience is still recognized in their voices and in how they arrange their music.

“Don’t just do music. There are commercial songs that become hits in no time. You need to find the key to making such commercial songs. Some people have put out several songs but they are still not making hits because they do not have to key to making those commercial songs and that is the difference between KKD and the others,” the singer further concluded.

Source: happyghana.com