How best Nana Aba, Serwaa Amihere could have handled Albert - Dr. Mensah

Dr Kobby Mensah And Nana Aba Anamoah Dr Kobby Mensah and Nana Aba Anamaoh

Wed, 17 Nov 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Nana Aba criticised for reprimanding a young man at auditioning

Lecturer schools broadcasters on how to be professional

Dr. Mensah suggests Nana Aba, Serwaa Amihere erred in scolding young man

A senior lecturer of the University of Ghana Business School, Dr Kobby Mensah, has dissected how ethical principles would have made Nana Aba aware her personal issues need not conflict with her professional work ethics.

Over the weekend, a video of Nana Aba Anamoah, Serwaa Amihere and Bridget Otoo reprimanding a young man who was later identified as journalist Albert went viral. The young man was discovered to be a social media bully who had mud slung many people including the judges of the reality TV show he wanted to audition for.

Dr Mensah believes Nana Aba’s approach in reprimanding the young man was wrong and suggested what could have been done differently to make their actions less of an attack. He included the best way the ladies could have handled Journalist Albert was to put their organisation or the show’s ideals ahead of theirs.

“When the gentleman reappeared before this panel, immediately they should have actually thought about that situation because the gentleman allegedly has been trolling them on social media. In their person, he has been saying bad stuff about them. I didn’t even know because obviously, I don’t follow these people” he explained.

“When he had been trolling them in the person and now they find themselves in a professional capacity, the capacity of responsibility; to determine that gentleman’s eligibility for the program. In that particular instance, you are not there in your capacity as Nana Aba or as Serwaa Amihere or as Bridget Otoo you are there in your capacity as a panel for a media outlet”, he further shared.

Dr Mensah alludes to separating one’s personal life problems by adding that as humans, it is prudent to not use organisation's platforms to settle scores with others.

“One of the things that we must be aware of as professionals, there is something between your private life and your professional responsibility. There is something called ethical dilemmas and we always have a dilemma in terms of, how we manoeuvre what our private life issues or situations conflict with our professional responsibilities. In ethics, you are told some of the ethical principles that you have to use to sort of manoeuvre some of these decision makings”, he said.

“Clearly, you would, by all means, face these problems where you can have your personal conflict with your professional life. That’s why as people who work, you are supposed to be given training for clearly ethical situations you could possibly face. So when you face them you will know how to handle them”, he enlightened.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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