LifeStyle Sun, 27 Jun 2021

'Huge premarital investments': Why lovers continue to live in toxic relationships

Touching on why some people continue to live in toxic relationships despite the red flags they notice in their partner and problems they go through, renowned marriage counselor and preacher Apostle Paul Kofi Agyekum has made known one of the reasons.

In an interview with Oyerepa TV Station, monitored by blogger Skbeatz Records, Apostle Agyekum disclosed that most partners continue to stay in unhealthy relationships because of "Huge Premarital investments".

He explained that partners in these kinds of relationships mostly invest hugely with their life savings into each other as if they are already married during their long-term romantic affair.

When this happens, the issue of breaking up becomes a big problem when they both later realize they can't be together anymore.

According to Mr.Agyekum, these partners who find it difficult to leave continue to endure the unhealthy toxic relationship because it becomes very hard for them to leave their hard-earned investments.

"One of the mistakes people do in along term relationship is making huge investments together when they are not yet married. It is wrong," Apostle Paul Agyekum advised.
Source: Skbeatz Records