Human Right Reporters Ghana sensitizes over 30 JHS students on how to evade tricks of kidnappers

Thu, 14 Mar 2019 Source: ghananewsone.com

As part of measures to halt the burgeoning kidnapping phenomena that has characterized the nation in recent times, the Human Rights Reporters Ghana(HRRG) a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), committed to defending and protecting the rights of people has conducted a sensitization exercise aimed at educating over 30 Junior High School(JHS) students of the Grand Success Academy in Accra on Wednesday, March 13, 2019.

The students were vigorously sensitized on the modus operandi, tricks and the techniques employed by kidnappers to lure their unsuspecting targets who are mostly young girls.

The participants were also provided with tips to serve as a guide so as not to fall victims to the tricks of the so-called 'miscreants'. In addition, they were also equipped with adequate knowledge and information on how to deal with child traffickers whenever they approach them.

Grand Success Academy is a private school located at Anyaa Palas Town, a suburb of Accra which offers pre-school, primary and Junior High Schools education in a sound environment where teaching and learning thrives. The school which was established in 2008 with a current population of 187 students is responsible for providing quality educational training and proper upbringing of children so as to grow up and become useful to the society.

Ghana has been rocked with the worrying issues of kidnapping across the country in recent times. Since time memorial, issues of this nature had never been part of the nation’s history.

The sad disappearance of 21-year-old Priscilla Blessing Bentum since August 17, 2018, followed by the missing of 18-year-old Ruth Love Quayson on December 4, 2018 including the varnishing of 18-year-old Priscilla Mantebea Koranchie since December 21, 2018 without any hope of finding them have sent shock waves across entire nation.

As it stands, not even the efforts of the police force could make a Nigerian suspect in their custody tell the whereabouts of the missing girls, let's alone the strong campaign being mounted by the media (#BringBackOurTaadiGirls) to put pressure on the security forces in the country to spur into action to bring back these girls.

Restless families of the missing girls now say their hopes are waning with every passing day without the news of whereabouts of their loved ones. The question being asked now is: “Is there any hope for these girls|?”.

Interacting with the HRRG team, the Proprietor of Grand Success Academy, Mr. Douglas Dodoo expressed profound gratitude towards HRRG team who conducted the training workshop for taking time off their busy schedules to visit the school to help educate the students on the two most sensitive human rights issues Ghanaians are battling with in recent times.

"I'm grateful you've been here to talk to the children and their input shows that they've benefited well", he maintained.

While commending the HRRG team for their gesture, he referred to the issue of kidnapping as something which people talk about which probably never happened in Ghana until now and concluded: "As it happens, everyone's attention has to be brought to it".

The sensitization exercise was conducted by three (3) member team from the Human Rights Reporters Ghana team(HRRG) made up of Mr. Benjamin Halo, Mr. Kojo Aidoo and Mr. Joseph Kobla Wemakor (Executive Director).

Touching on the rationale behind the sensitization exercise, Executive Director of Human Rights Reporters Ghana(HRRG), Mr. Joseph Kobla Wemakor maintained it has become crucial for the human rights group to stem in and conduct sensitization exercise in schools taking cognizance of the magnitude of human rights abuses Ghanaians are battling with currently which kidnapping dominates, making children the worst hit.

“Looking at the gory situation at hand, we have no choice as a group than to go ahead and conduct the exercise to educate students and equip them with vital knowledge and tips to help them overcome the tricks of kidnappers whenever they happen to meet them anywhere”.

“We believe it is the surest way we can contribute our quota as group to prevent further attack on our youth to save our future generations”.

Mr. Wemakor disclosed the sensitization exercise is part of HRRG project which revolves round 3 critical areas; Kidnapping, Teenage Pregnancy and Tramadol Abuse aimed at ending all forms of human rights abuses against women, girls and children in the country. It will be held in some selected schools across all the regions of Ghana.

According to him the project is currently in its pilot stage which will last three (3) months period after which the actual project will be rolled out to cover the whole year.

He therefore called on well-meaning Ghanaians, institutions, corporate organizations, CSOs, NGOs as well as the government to partner and support the Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) in its quest to eliminate Kidnapping, Teenage Pregnancy and Tramadol abuse in Ghana as well as help protect and defend the fundamental human rights of all people especially women girls and children in the country.

The Human Rights Reporters Ghana(HRRG) is an advocacy Non-Governmental Organization(NGO) serving as a critical voice to the voiceless in the fight against all forms of abuse and violence that threatens the freedom and fundamental human rights of people in Ghana and beyond. The Organization is made up of a combined group of journalists, lawyers and human rights advocates who are committed to defending and protecting the rights of all humans on earth as far as enjoying their freedom and fundamental human rights are concerned.

Source: ghananewsone.com
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