I am sometimes mocked for being a female football enthusiast - Nash Laide

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Wed, 16 Feb 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Female football enthusiast talks about her love for sports

Woman reveals why friends call her football 'gbee'

I don't want to be distracted when watching football, says Nash

Nash Laide has always had a love for football. She gets overly excited when her team, Barcelona is up against their opponent but many have discouraged her from dedicating her time to sports.

To them, football is for men and therefore finds it strange when a woman talks sports.

Speaking to Paula Amma Broni on Moans & Cuddles on the topic 'Love and Football', Nash who is an Administrator, disclosed that friends refer to her as 'football gbee', a term used for a woman who is crazy about sports but that doesn't get to her.

"I have friends of both sexes, they wonder why I am so crazy about football. They ask what it is about football and I tell them that when they understand they will love the game.

"I have friends who are into it, they come together and we watch... when it is football time, don't call my phone. When it comes to me, you have to pack yourself somewhere because it is football time. They call me football 'gbee'. A woman who is so much into football," she disclosed.

Nash Laide intimated that when her team is playing, not even her partner can distract her. "When you come to me and it's game time, no attention for you," she said.

According to her, football has always created a bond between herself and her partner, adding that she can't be with a man who has zero interest in sports.

"Sometimes it is just crazy you find friends who are the opposite of you but that is nature, you can't force anyone to love what you want. I just ignore them sometimes but for my football, when you come to me and it's game time, no attention for you," she laughs.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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