‘I am too big to be small for you’ - Kofi Nti blasts KK Fosu

Kofi Nti Knkn Kofi Nti chides KK Fosu

Thu, 3 Mar 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Kofi Nti slams KK Fosu

Kofi Nti asks KK Fosu to stop talking nonsense

Kofi Nti claims KK Fosu refuses to pick his calls

Kofi Nti has slammed his friend KK Fosu for going on several radio stations to say that he discovered and nurtured his talent.

The Rakia hitmaker said he was famous before crossing paths with KK Fosu who was equally doing well musically thus his assertion that he made him popular is a big fallacy.

“I am too big to be small for you Kwame you know. I was already big in the game when you met me. What is wrong with you, he goes around saying that he discovered my brother Ofori Amponsah and the others by making 'Rakia' and 'Otoolege' become hits.

“He claims he has swag, please stop talking nonsense,” he said in an interview with Sammy Flex.

Meanwhile, the artiste has made it known that anytime KK Fosu behaves untowardly, he avoids him.

“Whenever he messes up, he refuses to pick up your calls and will even hide if he sees me here right now.”

Source: www.ghanaweb.com