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I believe more in one's impact in the industry than awards – DJ Ashmen affirms

•DJ Ashmen says he has never won an award despite his several nominations

• He says he has not been treated fairly by the music industry

• He says he hopes to one day also receive an award

DJ Ashmen, one of Ghana's popular Disc Jockeys, has asserted that he has received several award nominations but has yet to win any.

According to him, he does not know why he has never won an award throughout his career despite having had nominations.

"I have been nominated severally but I have never won even one before," he said adding that, it is not about the award but instead the impact one makes.

"I don't know but I think it's not about the award but the impact you've had in the game. So it's not about the award...People have won various awards yet they're not recognised after on.

"If I win, it's fine but you have to be remembered someday for the impact you made. So for people to still accept or recognise me, I think that is my award too.

Responding to his perception about Ghana's Music Industry as far as his work was concerned, he explained in an exclusive interview with GhanaWeb's Elsie Lamar on the Talkertainment show that:

"In a way, I think they have not been fair to me, because most of the awards scheme deals with votes; and I don't think someone will particularly take out his money to vote for me but my competitor may have such amount and have that votes for himself. In the end, I see that same person coming back to me for help; that alone motivates me.

"I have been nominated since Ghana DJ Awards time, from day one, in fact, we are the pioneers yet I have never won. But I'm cool, to be honest with you," he reiterated.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com