I expected the police to do more than they did concerning my daughter’s death - Starboy Kwarteng

Starboy Kwarteng W Starboy Kwarteng, father of late Dancehall artiste Ebony Reigns

Fri, 2 Jul 2021 Source: etvghana.com

Father of late Dancehall songstress, Ebony Reign, Starboy Kwarteng, has expressed his disappointment in the police for handling his daughter’s death the way they did.

According to him, his daughter deserves justice and she should get it at all cost.

Talking to Foster Romanus on e.TV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show, he emphasized, “Until now, I still don’t understand how everything happened and the police are honestly not trying for me because they are they are the only ones who can help me get justice for my Queen; they are not helping”.

The father of the late dancehall songstress shared that he has stopped asking them for assistance because he was not getting any positive response from them.

“Nothing was stopping them from inviting the driver over to question him in order to find out what exactly happened since he was the only survivor from the so-called accident, but they didn’t do it and they were also preventing me from doing it which I don’t understand,” he said.

He stated that this only happens in Ghana and he doesn’t understand because, “In other jurisdictions, this doesn’t happen so why is this happening in our part of the world” he asked.

Starboy Kwarteng went on to say, “From all indications and everything I’ve checked, it shows the queen was murdered so, I expect the police to do more than they’ve done already to give the late dancehall songstress the justice she deserves. I know there’s more to her death and I’ll stop at nothing to get the whole truth concerning her death."

Source: etvghana.com
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