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Fri, 11 Jun 2021 Source: myxyzonline.com

Ghanaian musician Stephen Kwabena Siaw professionally known as Ayesem has revealed how he got a song from Castro after his death through a dream.

In an interview on the xzone show on tv XYZ the “Koti” hitmaker debunked the rumours stating that hiplife musician Castro is dead.

According to him, he’s not going to accept the fact that the highlife musician is dead until he sees his body. Hence, his legacy still lives with us since his songs are being played.

“Somebody die we for see en dead body. He dey with we...he dey with the legacy...The legacy be what we dey try live behind. We know am, abi he still get songs.. he get chaw songs wey dem no drop am sef edey studio.. since dem go release his songs he still dey with us.. but then as at .. ago talk say somebody go ask me say Castro die since ano get any evidence ano go fit talk say edie.”

The host asked if he misses him since they were in good terms.

He emphasized: “Oh why not charley .. wanna godfather that oo.. Most of the singing adey do was being inspired by him. He used to teach us how to be a versatile artist”.

Sharing an event with the deceased, he narrates how Castro came for the whole crew from Takoradi to Accra to teach them how to write and be versatile artists.

“I quite remember he came for the whole west side legacy crew to his house in Accra and he taught us so many things... how to be a versatile artist, how to write, he always tells us about content... yeah so big ups Castro. I never go talk say he die even if die kraa. I believe he still lives with us .”

Nevertheless, he shares an encounter with Castro in a dream when he (Castro) sang the same song he’s recorded down.

“I have some song years back...I dreamt of him and he was singing the same song.. i recorded the song.. th song they there.”

Hip Life act Castro, and his female friend Janet Bandu, will be legally ‘declared dead’ in July 2021, after they disappeared on a Jet Ski on the Ada River, seven years ago.

By law in Ghana, an individual can be declared dead by a court after seven years of disappearance.

The Evidence Act of 1975, Section 33, states that a person can only be declared legally dead after seven years by a court, where the person in question has not been seen or heard from in seven years despite diligent and persistent efforts to find him.

After July 6, 2021, Castro and Janet will be considered as departed souls. They are no longer part of the living by laws of Ghana.

Source: myxyzonline.com
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