Entertainment Fri, 26 Jun 2020

I have 60 pairs of jeans, 39 suits, 350 pair of shoes and many more – Osebo brags

Richard Brown aka Osebo has listed the number of items in his closet.

The Zara boutique owner disclosed in an interview with Delay that he has 60 pair of jeans, 39 suits, 40 blazers, more than 350 pair of shoes, 15 slippers, 43 watches and 26 pair of glasses.

Asked how he was able to keep count of the stuff in his closet, Osebo responded by saying he does not buy less than 5 pieces of any item.

“I have 60 pieces of jeans, 40 blazers, 39 complete suit, as for suits I can’t count but I have more than 350 pair of suits. I’m not really into slippers so I have just 15. I also have 43 pair of watches and 26 pair of sunglasses,” he stated.

Osebo also established that at bedtime, he envisages his style of dressing for the next day and puts them together in his mind before morning.

“Anytime I’m about to sleep, I think about what to wear the next day. Immediately I wake up, I head to my wardrobe and select the dresses I earlier pictured. My selections always match up,” he added.

Prior to his interview with Delay, Osebo has been trending on Social media after he released some photos and videos of himself wearing a skirt.

‘Fashion is Madness’ as he always say, Richard Brown has become popular for what some describe as a high fashion sense.

Watch his interview with Delay below

Source: www.ghanaweb.com