I live in a mansion, I don't envy your bushy home - Joyce Boakye to Tracey Boakye

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Wed, 11 Aug 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

• It seems Joyce Boakye and Tracey Boakye have got some outstanding scores to settle

• Joyce Boakye has accused Tracey of being a contributory factor to her failed


• Joyce avers that Tracey envied her happy home

Popular Ghanaian actress, Joyce Boakye has warned Tracey Boakye to desist from spreading false rumours that she is envious of her achievements.

According to Joyce, Tracey will forever remain one of the contributory factors to her failed marriage.

In an interview with Delay, the Kumawood actress disclosed that Tracey upon seeing all the wealth in her ex-husband’s home became envious and sought her downfall.

“My only wrong was to invite Tracey Boakye to my house for us to plan on a project. She was going about around telling people that I envy her. When you came to my house, I was already living in my mansion and you were living in a bush. I lived comfortably at Parakuo Estates and had my car, so why will I envy you. You even come to fetch foodstuff from my house so why will I envy you?”

Speaking on Tracey's role in her failed marriage, she said:

“Initially, I called on Tracey to help me create a stunt to hype my movie but she declined. Afterwards, she called Kani Gloria and they both schemed to destroy the idea I had come up with. I took a semi-nude picture with one of my actors in a toilet on a plane. That particular picture was intended to create a publicity stunt to hype my movie and my husband was aware of the plan. After the pictures went viral and other people alleged that I had truly had sex with the man, Tracey Boakye made matters worse by lying to my husband that she was present while I was having sex with the actor. My husband believed her because she was my friend.”

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com