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‘I'm not broke, I have a farm and a shop that fetches me money every month’ – Vanessa

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Thu, 8 Jun 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

One of the statements Vanessa took notice of, while she was being slammed for opting for a reunion with Funny Face, was the assertion that she is after his money.

Stressing that her motive to reconcile isn’t driven by the comedian’s money, Vanessa said she has businesses that accrue profits at the end of the month.

Vanessa insisted during an Instagram live video that she is doing very well financially.

“I am not suffering. I am okay and well-to-do. At the end of the month, my farm gives me money. I have a farm that brings me money. My shop brings me money. My side hustle,” like shooting movies also brings me money. I have a beautiful life,” she averred.

Emphasizing how blessed she is, Vanessa added that she has a strong support system (family), that keeps her going.

“I have kids who love me and I have a mother who will go all out for me. In this life, if you want to count those God has blessed, I am one of them. I don’t have a problem so don’t compare yourself to me. I don’t beg to eat. I am very comfortable,” she maintained.

Tackling her detractors further, Vanessa established that she takes care of four kids all by herself, so labeling her as ‘broke’ is absolutely unwise.

“I take care of four children, four girls, so, if you’re on social media telling me that I want to come back because I am suffering, then you’re stupid,” she fumed.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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