I paid over GH¢20K to different pastors to save my mother, she warned me against all of them - Praye Tintin

Praye Tintin23 Praye Tintin

Thu, 19 May 2022 Source: SVTV Africa

Member of the defunct music group, Praye, known in the showbiz circles as Praye Tintin, has disclosed that he paid different pastors to pray and save his mother’s life, but she warned him against all of them.

In an interview on SVTV Africa, the rapper indicated that his mother suffered an ailment that caused her death and as any child would do, he tried several ways to see his mother live. Praye Tintin added that he changed his mindset about Christianity soon after.

"When she was ill, I invited many pastors to pray for her. My mother told me something. The person I was trying to save said, ’Nana, this pastor is a fake. You are wasting your money.’"

"I was desperate for her to survive. So I did not listen to anything she said. I wasted a lot of money, but she died eventually,” he said.

Nana Asare Koranteng, as he is privately known, mentioned that after her death, she appeared in his dream and revealed most of the fake pastors to him.

”In the dream, we visited different pastors, and she told me those who were fake. It made me wonder how many real pastors there were. I got a new understanding of Christianity. I spent about GH¢20,000 on these pastors,” Praye Tintin told host DJ Nyaami.

Presently based in the UK, Praye Tintin added that he has realized his mistakes and would not call himself a Christian. However, he still believes in the existence of Christ and would prefer to be referred to as a follower of Christ.

Source: SVTV Africa