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I planned on leaving him but he left me before I could strike so I’m badly hurt

• Maxine Amoako's boyfriend broke up with her because he was fed up

• She however doubts his reason because she suspects there was another lady in the picture

• She is however hurt the call for a breakup did not come from her taking into cognisance her ordeal with the boyfriend

‘Before you think, I thought!’ That was the reality that hit Maxine Amoako, the 3rd princess of Miss Tertiary Ghana 2020 when her boyfriend called it quits.

Maxine who appeared on The Exes Show told host Ato Kwamina Aikins that she rather intended to call for a breakup because the then-boyfriend had interest in other ladies so much that he never posted her on social media.

She said: “I believed he had someone else but he couldn’t tell me. He couldn’t be with me because he didn’t want her other female friends to feel bad. He made me understand. It got to a point I was like ‘so why are you not positing me?’ and he was like ‘I can’t post you because I don’t want to lose my female friends'”.

Despite not catching the boyfriend red-handed with another lady, there was something that seemed awkward to Maxime.

“He won’t let me go through his phone. He told me he keeps flirting with other girls but the only thing he can’t tell them is ‘I love you’”, she said. “He kept telling me there are a lot of girls who want him and he doesn’t want to disappoint them. Why would you even tell me that? It doesn’t hit a nail. He wasn’t ready for commitment and sacrifice.”

After enduring the emotional torture for a while, the worst news was communicated to her in a manner she never expected. Maxine noted that the boyfriend gave her a treat prior to the breakup. What hurt her the most, she said, was the fact that she wanted to be the one to end it instead of the boyfriend.

“He asked me where I was and I said I was at the Nungua Junction Mall. We met, bought food and ate. He dropped me at Baatsona to see my seamstress. Right after dropping me, he was like ‘I know you’re fed up; I’m also fed up so let’s be friends’. I was like ‘Ok’. I alighted. I wasn’t angry, I was sad. I cried. I was the one supposed to leave him; not him leaving me. I planned on leaving him but he rather left me so I’m hurt,” she said.

While insisting that the boyfriend treated her badly hence she was rather the one to have called it quits, Maxine asserted that she was not fed up. The boyfriend’s actual reason for leaving her, she claimed was the quest to “experience and explore more”.

“I wasn’t fed up; I think he was thinking for me. He wasn’t fed up either… I wasn’t giving him the chance to do certain things.”

The once upon a time love birds are now friends but it appears to be shaky as Maxine said “We are friends but I’m trying as much as possible to ignore him. He’s not serious.”

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com