I started smoking to fit in – Irene Logan admits struggle with nicotine addiction

Irene Logan Tribassa Brand Irene Logan

Thu, 2 Sep 2021 Source: 3news.com

Irene Logan has said pressure to belong to her new circle forced her to adopt certain lifestyles, contrary to her upbringing. And the struggle to maintain her place, she said, drove her into depression and nicotine addiction.

Once a secular musician, Irene is sharing her story as a testimony to motivate and inspire others struggling with their insecurities to make better choices.

“I started smoking cigarettes at the beginning of my burst into the limelight after Stars of the Future, probably after one year. Mind you I’m from a very protected family. My mom never smoked. I never saw my dad smoking. My parents don’t even drink alcohol.

“So just having that freedom to get out there and being exposed, trying to fit in. Sitting around places where I could see people boldly smoking looked very attractive, I wanted to try it. So I tried it. And I remember the first time I started smoking, I was coughing, and everyone was laughing at me. And I was so upset because I wanted to conquer it. So that’s how I started practising,” she continued.

Irene disclosed that the more she tried, the deeper she drove herself into depression. She started upping her smoking from a few sticks to a pack a day and then two packs of cigarettes per day. She revealed that it took an anointing of oil to ‘cure her.

"But as the years came and the calling started getting stronger, it was like there was a battle for my soul. I went deep into smoking cigarettes. I could sit down and smoke 10 sticks a day, and it went to one pack. It got to a time I was smoking almost two packs of cigarettes."

Now, Irene Logan has surrendered to the Holy Spirit. And she has been anointed as a minister of the Gospel of Christ.

Source: 3news.com