I used to think highlife was a ‘whack’ genre – Kwame Yeboah

Kwame Yeboah 79. Kwame Yeboah, Music director

Sat, 14 May 2022 Source: yfmghana.com

Ghanaian music director and record producer, Kwame Yeboah, said at a point in his life, he saw the highlife music genre to be ‘whack’.

The legendary music producer made this revelation after he was asked by the host, Rev. Erskine during an interview on the Y-Leaderboard Series on YFM what his biggest achievement in his musical journey so far is.

According to him, even though he grew up listening to and playing highlife music, he felt the genre was not good enough because it was full of repetition.

“That was a great moment and it was like an epitome of something. I grew up playing highlife music and listening to highlife music but at one point, I felt it was such a bad genre, that it’s the same and a whole lot but I didn’t realize that I had to play my part to make it better”, he narrated.

Kwame Yeboah continued that until age twenty-one, he was convinced that RnB and the other music genres were the way to go. He expressed, “I thought about it and told myself that if all these great songs came from this music genre, then I had to look at it again and that was when I realized highlife is really great. I wished my mom and dad could see me”.

Source: yfmghana.com