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Thu, 18 Aug 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Smallgod, a Ghanaian music producer and entrepreneur, is known for living a lavish lifestyle and owning the best designer items, which he explains took years of hard work to afford.

The musician, in an interview on GhanaWeb TV with Paula Amma Broni, disclosed that he undoubtedly spends a lot of money on his wardrobe.

"I spend a lot. I've got a lot of crazy things. I don't wonna have that conversation here, but I do spend a lot.

"You work hard, so why don't you enjoy the finest things in life? That's what you working for, so I have to play that part. I mean, I work 48 hours a day if there's anything like that. I don't sleep, so I have to enjoy what I am working for," he said.

The successful music producer has got a great taste for fashion and also does well to promote indigenous Ghanaian brands as well as those with African roots.

"Dialy Paper are like my people. We are family...I am always with them when they're doing their thing. I help when I can. I said to them, let's go home, let's go to Ghana. We spoke about this for about a year or two, and we came home and we did a collaboration.

"I always wear things from people that I know. I try to promote it. Sometimes you wear the odd ones from those you don't know, but mostly I wear them to promote my own people, that's what am very strong on. When you see me wearing 'Free The Youth', those are my kids. You see me wearing Biglommoz, why not? Do I know the owner of Gucci? Does he know me and can I talk to him?" Smallgod quizzed.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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