If my children bring home a Christian girl, I will pray she becomes a Muslim - Kalsoume Sinare

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Fri, 1 Apr 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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Veteran actress, Kalsoume Sinare has said she will be happy with her sons marrying Muslim girls but if they should bring home Christian girls for her approval, she will pray the ladies turn to Islam.

“I have two grown boys and it's tough. They are Muslims and they pray, and I always pray to God that they will bring a Muslim girl for me to accept because if it's a Christian girl…" she paused but continued saying, "I will pray that the girl becomes a Muslim."

“Because I wouldn't like to be gone and I don't see my grandchildren standing beside my grave and praying for me. Because as Muslims, what the dead eats is prayers so I will pray one day that if I’m not alive, my children will just follow what I left,” she told blogger, Zionfelix.

In Kalsoume Sinare’s defence, she mentioned that she had it tough with her marriage because her husband was a Christian before turning to Islam.

However, she wouldn't assert that her husband's transition into Islam was because of her but instead, as a result of his own will and love for her.

“I’m already a Muslim. I know when it comes to religion, it is tough for a Muslim girl to accept a Christian boyfriend or husband because I’m married to somebody who was a Christian but then he had to become a Muslim.

“But I won't say my husband became a Muslim because of me, it's something that you must willingly say that you want. It's serving God, you can't say because of the love of a woman you want to give yourself out,” she added.

Meanwhile, she has added that when it comes to religion, the most important thing is not to forcefully change because of love, it must be a personal decision devoid of external influence.

“When it comes to religion and you know God is the ultimate, you can't just force it on yourself and say because she is a Christian, I’m in love with her or she is a Muslim in love with her, so I want to become a Muslim.

“You are not doing that from the heart. It must be from within. It's a crucial thing,” she added.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com