If you think I’m unsuccessful, travel and see my works – Bisa Kdei tells critics

Bisa Kdei 90.png Highlife singer, Bisa Kdei

Fri, 30 Jul 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Bisa Kdei has expressed that his works are highly recognized internationally than in Ghana

• The Highlife artiste said he has been able to establish a huge fanbase outside the borders of the country

Bisa Kdei has bemoaned the popular assertion that his career has come to a halt

Popular Highlife artiste, Bisa Kdei has asked all who are in doubt of his hard work to travel outside the shores of Ghana and have a feel of his success.

Many have described the career of the Highlife artist as ‘failed’ following his inability to produce back-to-back hits like he used to.

But responding to such assertions which he has labeled as false, Bisa stated in an interview with Kastle FM that although it may seem like he is not working, his works are being internationally recognized.

“When I’m here you’d think that Bisa isn’t working but that’s not the case. Just travel and see. You’ll ask why Bisa Kdei does travels outside most often and these are some of the reasons. We don’t do the music for only a few people so I can’t be at one place all the time so I roam around the world. It’s not only blacks and Africans but the white people also love to enjoy my songs and that’s what has helped me to move forward.”

In a similar light, one can recall that the Highlife artiste publicly expressed fulfillment about his ability to prove his critics wrong after a remix of his song titled ‘Asew’ was used as a soundtrack in Netflix’s Christmas movie Jingle Jangle.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com