Jackie Appiah was ‘unwise’ to flaunt mansion, she has invited GRA scrutiny – Bulldog

Jackie Appiah

Mon, 4 Jul 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Jackie erects a world-class home in Accra

Luchy Donalds shocked at the sight of Jackie's mansion

Jackie's home features an automated washroom

Artiste manager, Bulldog, has expressed reservations about the decision of actress cum businesswoman Jackie Appiah to flaunt her mansion on social media.

According to him, the action was tantamount to a free invitation to the Ghana Revenue Authority, GRA, who ordinarily will be knocking on her doors for some answers.

Speaking on the July 2 edition of United Showbiz on UTV, Bulldog explained that the experience with the taxman can sometimes be unpleasant as he has come to know.

“The first video I saw (of the house) was of a girl (Nigerian actress) who was the one filming but the one I just saw (played on United Showbiz) is surfaced.

“I am praying and hoping this professional version is for a commercial reason, because what she has done is unwise. What Jackie has done is not wise. The GRA, they don’t play and that is the culture, that is why people don’t disclose their wealth.

“The GRA doesn’t play in Ghana, if the law hasn’t caught up with you, you’ll think there are no laws. She has invited a huge problem for herself,” he added.

He advised that in case the GRA calls on her as he expected would happen, “she should find a better reason,” he went on to explain how even gifts are sometimes subject to tax and how he and others were scrutinized when they used to work for Xylofon.


Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah trended for much of last week after footage of her mansion at Trassaco went viral on the internet.

Although the exact cost of the mansion is unknown, some realtors believed the mansion is a little over $1.5 million.

Don't get it twisted, Jackie Appiah is living the life right here in Ghana, a look inside her luxury mansion will send chills down your spine. We're talking money and class!

The renowned actress has a taste for the finest things in life but, have you wondered what her home might look like? The architecture and detail will blow your mind.

Jackie entered the chart of 'most expensive homes in Ghana' after one of her female friends, actress Luchy Donalds visited her mansion in the capital and shared a video of her tour.

Everything in the house speaks luxury! Right from the marble floor, top security doors, and furniture, to the claiming interior decor. Every area of the white-themed home had special detail and a story to tell.

Money they say can't buy happiness but one cannot be bored in Jackie's haven, this is according to social media users who have reacted to the luxury home built by a 38-year-old Ghanaian female actress.

The eye-catching mansion featured a large swimming pool, a VIP area, a large parking area that exhibited her luxury vehicles, a dining and sitting area, a private lounge, an office space, a walk-in closet, and an automated toilet seat among other interesting features including lighting that proved that Jackie splashed a fortune on her new home.

Although the square feet of the area remains unknown, the opulent building covered vast land. Not forgetting the art installations that added grace to every corner. The home was undoubtedly designed with passion.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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