Music Wed, 21 Sep 2005

Janet A New Gem In The Gospel Music Scene

Her name might not ring in the ears of gospel lovers but she just finished her latest album titled ‘Enye Sei Ara Ba’

Janet counted on her own honesty and real-life experiences to produce her compelling soul inspiring album titled ‘Enye Sei Ara Ba’.

On her debut album, she wrote all the songs and she wants Ghanaians to know that she stood on God’s work to make the album.

So far promotion on the album has started and label executive, Sir George (her executive producer) confidently says that the album is doing well on the airwaves.

In her entire life, it seems, things did not go on well for which has prepared her way for a career in music.

It all began when she started falling sick and was hospitalized a lot of times. She never gave up thus prayed and prayed, read her bible and also believed in God.

Janet has grown from the hardships she faced putting it behind her, finding strength from the spiritual guidance she received from God and brought out this amazing album.

Her musical gifts became apparent when some pastors inspired her to do gospel music and went ahead to book a studio in 2004 to record the album.

The reasoning for the album, ‘Enye Sei Ara Ba’ title is that unsaved souls that are missing should return to God because God can always help no matter the situation.

Her maiden features Mama Serwaa and Nana Yaa which was recorded at V-Joe and Best Brain Digital.

Janet is new to the gospel music but has been following the gospel music and says that “some messages of some gospel artistes are good to her. But we should all remember that we are in the gospel business to do God’s work”.

Another song on the album, 'Meyi Naye' talks about the fact that God has delivered her and taken her to a safer place. Janet says in the song that we should always give praises to God.

She hopes to be in the gospel business for ever and hopes to become a big gospel star in Africa and the world.

For now Sir George’s part of his launch strategy for Janet is to secure exposure on the gospel music scene, media, as well as on Ghana Music.com.

You can reach the new gospel angel on 233 24 251 376 or 233 for more about her latest album.

Source: ghanamusic.com