Entertainment Sun, 6 Jan 2019

‘Jealous’ Chioma deletes her Instagram after Davido celebrated his baby mamas

Love is sweet oo, when money enter love is sweet but Chioma is tired of seeing Davido praise his baby mamas on Instagram so to express her anger and demonstration, she’s decided to go off Instagram.

Davido’s serious bae, Chioma, the same girl he sung ‘Assurance’ for after buying her a Porsche last year has deleted her entire Instagram account in protest of Davido’s praise singing of his two baby mamas who reunited recently.

We guess Chioma believes in the statement; “If the eyes don’t see it, it does not hurt or disgust it” (It’s some Twi saying duh so pardon me If I didn’t get the translation right) so she’s decided to leave Social Media so she doesn’t have to deal with the kind of stuff Davido will post about his baby Mamas.

Source: ghbase.com