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KK Fosu reveals his Christian name

KK Fosu has revealed he was christened 'Daniel'

• The musician was born some 40 years ago

• Throughout his music journey, his Christian name has been unknown

Like several other Ghanaians, Kaakyire Kwame Fosu (KK Fosu) has managed to keep his Christian name secret for years but has had to make a disclosure.

The Highlife musician revealed during an interview with Stacy that he is ‘Daniel’. The revelation formed part of a narrative that chronicled how he ran away from home to how he became a household name, having released monster hit songs during his active years in music.

Taking his turn on ‘Restoration With Stacy’, KK Fosu recalled how his love for music led him to leave the village without informing his parents about his intentions. He noted that he only told his father about a supposed meeting he had with a friend in Accra, a lie that was told and used as an ‘escape route’.

His caring father, he said, saw him off as he gave him an amount of money for the journey.

“When I touched down in Accra, I never met this person. I had to find something doing,” he said. “Later, I saw a woman who knows my aunt and she was like ‘Daniel, what are you doing here?’”

According to KK Fosu, he met his aunt through the said woman. The said aunt, he mentioned, was helpful as she accommodated him and set up a barbering shop for him.

A week after his departure from Mangoase, his parents got worried because they had not heard from him. Having been told later that KK Fosu ran away from home, the aunt, he recalled, asked him to go back to the village and update his parents.

Born on February 14, 1981, KK Fosu has carved a niche for himself as one of the best Highlife musicians and performers. He was born to Samuel Kwamena and Akua Addotei.

After venturing into barbering for a living when he first stepped foot in Accra, KK Fosu got the opportunity to join the Soundz Unlimited Jazz Band where he showcased himself as a consummate performer.

He began featuring on the works of established artistes such as Papa Shot, Mr. Borax, Obrafour, Nkasei, Deeba, Obuor, Reggie Rockstone, and many others which were a good start for him. His manager at the time, Charles Lawson, introduced him to Mr. Richard Holbrock of Lowdown Records who in turn produced his debut, 'Adwen'.

Watch the interview below

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