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Kaywa’s Highly Spiritual Music battles Kati G for 'stealing' beat

Highly Spiritual Music, a label owned by renowned producer and sound engineer, Kaywa is accusing singer, Kati G, of stealing a beat meant for Krymi, an artiste on the label.

A statement from the label mentioned that the beat in question was produced by Dat Beat God who is also signed unto the Highly Spiritual Music label and is the instrumental for Krymi’s ‘Dede’ scheduled for release soon.

“Highly Spiritual would want to state categorically that the said song by Kati G titled: ‘Na You’ ft Reynolds does not have the approval from the label founder and owner Kaywa on the use of the beat. She (Kati G) did not seek permission from anyone from the Highly Spiritual music team neither did she even reach out” it said.

“The beat used in the Kati G song is a Highly Spiritual property hence the female singer does not have the permission to use it in anyway. Krymi who celebrated his birthday on July 7th is set to release his debut with the same beat in some few days time,” the statement added.

In her response to the accusation, Kati G told Ghanaweb.com, she bought the beat from Gregory Ankrah, who according to Highly Spiritual Music, is a former team member. She recounted that her business partner engaged Krymi’s manager when she was notified that the beat was a “stolen” one only for Krymi’s manager to threaten legal actions against them.

“[He told us] he would take us to court for stealing a song when Greg admitted to him and Kekeli Hogba, my business partner over the phone that he accidentally included the instrumentals in the batch of available instrumentals for sale,” said Kati.

Kati G

But Gregory, the producer at the center of the controversy says he mistakenly forwarded Krymi’s beat to Kati G when the songstress contacted him for one.

“Months back, I was contacted by Kati G that she wanted to record. I spoke to ODB, a friend of mine who is an engineer… He was supposed to send me three beats which he did on Whatsapp. Earlier, Krymi had also sent me his songs to listen to. And the beat was included; so when I was forwarding the beats to Kati, during the attachment, I sent her three beats but unfortunately, Krymi’s was part,” he narrated but added he told Kati G not to release the song after realizing his mistake.

“She contacted me over the weekend that she was playing her song somewhere and an artiste called Krymi said the beat is his. I told her to hold on because I remember that Krymi had sent me his audio so she should not release it [the song]; we should rectify it first before the release. I woke up today and heard the song has been released.”

Gregory emphatically stated he is unperturbed about any legal action which may consequently emanate since he has evidence to back his claim that Kati G ignored his counsel.

“Any legal actions Highly Spiritual wants to take, I will support them because at the end of the day, she didn’t listen to me. I have our chat history where I told her I’d seen where the problem is; I’d call her shortly so she should hold on” he said.
Source: www.ghanaweb.com