Kidnappings: We're sorry – Nigerian rep to Ghanaians

Fri, 25 Jan 2019 Source: Class FM

A representative of Nigeria’s governing party in Ghana, Bola Akinsanya, has apologized to Ghanaians and pleaded that the arrest of a Nigerian in connection with the missing girls in Takoradi in the Western Region, should not mar the cordial relations between citizens of the two nations.

The apology comes in the wake of growing anger among Ghanaians about the seeming upsurge of cross border crime particularly kidnapping involving a Nigerian syndicate.

The three girls were kidnapped in 2018 and have not been released despite their families paying ransom to the kidnappers. A Nigerian, Samuel Udoetuk-Wills, arrested in connection with the case has refused to give any leads to the police concerning the whereabouts of the missing girls sparking further public outrage.

Mr Akinsanya is worried that anger could be turned against other innocent Nigerians living in Ghana and is asking for cool heads.

“It is something one will never be proud of because you feel like the image of your country is being tarnished just by some few bad ones. We have lots of Nigerians who are doing great things in Ghana. Kidnapping, being something that has been happening in Nigeria and seeing it in Ghana now is a bit scary and could escalate to something very bad,” he told Class 91.3FM on Friday, 25 January 2019.

“I will apologise on the behalf of Nigerians for this unfortunate incident and we will also plead with our Ghanaian counterparts to understand that there is only going to be one Judas in every 12,” he added.

Meanwhile, the distraught family members of another missing girl in Accra are appealing to the public to assist them find their relation.

Father of the girl, Agyemang Duah, narrating their ordeal to Class News says a strange person has been calling to demand ransom over their missing daughter.

The 19-year-old senior high school student of La PRESEC, Charity Agyeman Duah, was abducted at Pig Farm, a suburb of Accra.

The case has been reported to the Kotobabi police station in Accra but no significant results have been achieved.

Source: Class FM
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