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Legal action against Burna Boy for piracy not necessary - A.I

After public outbursts on Twitter in 2017 by Ghanaian artiste A.I and Vision DJ over a remake of their hit single ‘Grind’ by Nigeria’s Burna Boy, many thought the two Ghanaians would take legal action.

However, Emmanual Kwadwo Ayisi Oware, simply known as A.I, in an interview with JoyNews’ Maxwell Amoofia insists that legal action against the Nigerian was not needed.

“Some things are better left [the way they are]. We didn’t want to take it up. It wasn’t necessary…We saw that it wasn’t necessary.” A.I said.

He added that, Burna Boy’s camp had removed the songs from all websites and platforms where it had been uploaded.

Burna Boy had recorded his own version of ‘Grind’ which he titled ‘Chilling Chilling’, without seeking permission from the original owners of the song, A.I and Vision DJ.

Interestingly, the Nigerian artiste in the production of his own version maintained A.I’s verses from the original song.

In a tweet, Vision DJ announced that Burna Boy did not contact him or A.I before recording the said remake.

Things got a bit murkier when Burna Boy blocked A.I on Twitter after using his intellectual property without authorisation.

Burna Boy’s decision to block A.I caused uproar on the micro blogging site with many describing the Nigerian artiste’s action as childish.

JoyNews had initially contacted the aggrieved parties for their reaction but they declined to comment stating that their lawyers were handling the matter.

This response triggered rumors of a possible law suit against Burna Boy.

Surprisingly, A.I’s recent comments indicate that Burna Boy being made to face the music was less likely.

In spite of this position, the ‘Grind’ singer reveals that he was disappointed that the Nigerian did not use the appropriate means to do ‘business’ with them.

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Source: Myjoyonline.com