Let's be proud of our cultural heritage — David Dontoh exhorted Ghanaians

David Dontoh New David Dontoh

Fri, 1 Apr 2022 Source: Isaac Donkor(Distinguished)

A distinguished veteran actor, David Dontoh has encouraged Ghanaians to value our local culture as we celebrate another birth month of our motherland.

Speaking on JoyNews about the Ghana month celebration, Mr. Dontoh tasked Ghanaians to pay more attention to our own culture as it is the only instrument that distinguishes us from foreign citizens.

According to him, this attitude of Ghanaians neglecting their culture will discourage the younger generation from following our cultural doctrines.

He affirmed, “I think we as people are not proud of ourselves because when you talk about Ghanaian pride, I wonder what exactly we want to talk about.

“We do not make ourselves available for succeeding generations what I mean is if you go to any school in this country, among the extra-curricula activities you hardly find anything cultural… All these are missing out on the new kids that are coming so they have no idea of what the locus is, if you want to call yourself Ghanaian, around which, around what, are you building yourself like that?

Mr. Dontoh continued by stating the reason we should encourage the introduction of culturally related subjects and activities in our schools.

He asserted, “Because educational system they’ve been through, traditional cultures have never been made available to them, they even make such things punishable in school. There should be regular artistic activities.

“Talking about the President wearing a suit for pictures is something that as part of colonialism we have not been able to shed, that is why we wear African wears on Friday and the rest of the days we wear everything. It should be the other way round. Mr. David Dontoh remarked.

Source: Isaac Donkor(Distinguished)