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Lifestyle: 5 signs your boyfriend is emotionally immature

Relationships need to be handled with care. Are you sick of a boyfriend or husband constantly nagging and being self-centered? Does he cling to you without respecting your wishes or demands?

Trying to figure why he’s doing this. Chances are he is emotionally immature. Here are some signs to figure out if you are dealing with an emotionally immature partner:

1. Loves the blame game – Emotionally immature people always blame someone else for anything that goes wrong in their life or in your relationship. Does your partner always blame you or some weird circumstance for a mistake he needs to accept? Beware.

2. My personal space – They want their personal space and freedom but don’t understand that their partner needs it too. Emotionally immature people find it difficult to compromise. They become sensitive to the slightest problem but don’t respect the fact that you are sensitive to certain things too. They are too self-absorbed. You can try these tips to develop intimacy in your relationship.

3. Drama king – There is more drama in your relation than the latest flick. He takes no responsibility, acts dumb and creates an issue out of the slightest things. They fall apart too easily and are easily tripped by their own emotions. Temper tantrums are an everyday thing in your relationship and if you relate to this, then your partner is certainly emotionally immature.

4. Insecure always and forever – Fear of being alone or insecurity are also signs of being emotionally immature. Such people have very few relations and hence are scared to lose the few friends or a partner they have. They are overly dependent on you and hence seem to be clinging all the time.

5. Impulsive at his best – This almost seems like a synonym of immaturity. Whether they are serious in the relation or not, they take impulsive decisions.

They work according to their whims and fancies and this behavior can be very pressurizing.

Beware, this behavior could easily rub onto you. Before you realize, you will be an emotionally immature couple and will be struggling to maintain the relation. If you are confused, check for 6 signs your relationship won’t last.

Source: citifmonline.com