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Lifestyle: Signs you are too clingy

Now you are into this new relationship.

You are happy to be in one. But now, you seem to have this concern whether you are too attached to your new partner.

Sure, you like being with each other. But there can also be such a thing as being too clingy. Doing so can be very detrimental to a relationship, especially if one is not comfortable with it.

Some people may be unaware that they seem to have an attachment problem.

Here are some signs to let you know.

• Your time is always spent on your partner.

When you become someone whose time revolves around a partner, then you may already are too attached to your partner. Your time should not solely revolve around another person.


You should also have the time to spend for yourself. If you’ve lost that privilege, then it is no longer normal.

• You do not like your partner going out without you.

You cringe every time you hear your partner is out with someone else. It doesn’t matter of it is with friends, family member or the opposite gender.

Just the idea that he or she is going out without you does not sit well with you. These feelings indicate that you may be the clingy type.

• You always stalk your partner on social media.

You would like to know what you can about your partner. It does not include his or her past, but also what he or she is doing all the time.


You spend your time trying to watch over your partner even on social media. You border on stalking him or her just to know what they are doing.

It just goes to show that you may be too clingy and it may not bode well for your relationship.

• You’re obsessed about your partner not replying to your texts.

You are so in love with your partner that you want to communicate your feelings every way you can. You send text messages every now and then. But then you become increasingly concerned when you do not receive a reply.

You become suspicious when the reply is late. This concern with receiving text replies on your phone just shows the level of obsession you may have on your partner. It may indicate that you are too attached for comfort to your partner.

Source: graphic showbiz