Like pastors spend your tithe, I also benefitted from being a traditional priestess - Nana Agradaa

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Tue, 26 Apr 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Popular traditional priestess repents

Nana Agradaa denies being a scammer

Former traditional priestess calls out pastors

Evangelist Mama Pat, better known as Nana Agradaa has disclosed that she never defrauded or scammed persons who came to her shrine during her days as a traditional priestess.

The spiritualist and money doubler who gave her life to Christ in April 2021 has intimated, that she never pointed a gun at the heads of persons who visited her shrine for their monies.

The people who sought help willingly gave monies to her deities as a form of appreciation and thanksgiving, she indicated.

She equated her case to how pastors around the world receive and allegedly spend tithes and offerings of believers in their churches.

For this reason, Mama Pat has argued that she can not be tagged as a scammer since nobody calls out pastors or demand the return of their offering when their prayers are unanswered.

Speaking to Abeiku Santana in an interview on Okay FM on April 25 she said: "I was a traditonal priest not a scammer, I was in my shrine, these people came to me. I never forced anyone for money, they gave it out freely as thanksgiving just like pastors spend their tithes, fetish priests also spend the monies they received."

When the host, Abeiku asked Mama Pat whether she has any plans of selling everything and giving the money to the poor like Zacchaeus from the Bible, she answered that nobody can tell her what to do with her wealth which many have said was acquired through dubious ways.

"I am not the first born-again. Are we expecting a bank manager who repents to sell his properties and distribute them to the poor? Will a minister who has served the nation sell his properties plus give all his life savings to the poor just because he has repented?

"Nobody can force me, I do what pleases me. Currently, when the poor, widows and orphans come to my church, I bless them with the good or bad proceeds I had from being a fetish priest...I never use dubious ways to acquire my wealth," said the new preacher who operates a church in the country's capital.

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