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Lordina Mahama's curves inspire Dunsin comeback

The last time anything was heard of them was in 2009 when they came out with the hit song Oyadieyie after which they went missing in action for about six years but hiplife duo, Dunsin, is now back with a single titled, Fefeefe.

The big deal is not so much with the song itself but the motivation for coming out with the song. Although they do not mention her name in the song, the duo told Showbiz last Thursday that they were motivated by the derriere of the First Lady, H.E. Mrs Lordina Mahama.

“We had the beats for about three to four months but we could not come up with anything until March 6 this year when we watched proceedings of this year’s Independence Day celebrations on television.

“No disrespect here but at the end of the ceremony, President Mahama was leaving the parade grounds with the First Lady and the cameras zoomed in on her back side and we saw how well-endowed she is and the idea for the song came up,” they said.

According to them, they quickly sat down to write the song and hit the studio to get it going. “We were very excited by the concept of the song which describes a very beautiful lady with very attractive features and qualities and all the credit goes to the First Lady.”

Fefeefe is a highlife song which is very danceable and has bits of rap in it. It talks about a beautiful woman.

When asked what accounted for their long silence, Dunsin said it was due to the challenges in the industry. “Things were a bit rough but we are back with a bang with Fefeefe and there is no looking back. We have about 30 songs which we will be releasing single after single so our fans should watch out for them. The main album will follow after that”, they said.

Once they release Fefeefe today, Monday, April 11, the duo said they have five highlife tunes and two hiplife songs which will follow soon.

“We are coming back as the Dunsin we all know, the future is bright for Dunsin because we are back with a bang. Our fans have missed us for a long time and we want to bring them the best”, they added.

Dunsin is made up of Ernest Obeng aka Omega, Ernest Wiafe-Koranteng aka Sweet Lips and Ahmed Kenneh Larweh aka Kele Yaayi. They came onto the scene in 2003, recorded their first album, Oyadieyie in 2005 and released it in 2009.

It was nominated for Hiplife Song of the Year at the Ghana Music Awards that year as well as Best Group Video, Best Choreography and Best Storyline at the 4Syte Music Video Awards in the same year. They are under Splash Music record label.

Listen to Fefeefe below:

Source: Graphic.com.gh