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MUSIGA Elections: Bessa Simons is no different from Obour - Kwaisey Pee

Contemporary Highlife artiste, Akwasi Opoku popularly known by his stage name Kwaisey Pee has said outgoing MUSIGA president, Obour is no different from ace highlife artiste Bessa Simons, who is contesting for MUSIGA president in the upcoming MUSIGA elections.

In an interview with host DJ Nyaami on ‘We Dey Vybe’ on SVTV Africa, the “Mehia Odo” singer explained that musicians in Ghana want someone better and more business oriented to lead the Musicians Union of Ghana, they should not think Bessa Simons is any different from outgoing president Obour. He described them as selfish and crooks.

“Massa, Bessa Simons is not coming to do anything new because Obour is giving him a back-pass as he is preparing to leave the office. It’s because they think we are dumb as musicians, we are not wise. Believe me, Bessa Simons is no different from Obour, they are all crooks and the corruption will still continue”

Kwaisey added that the union should be given to a business-oriented person and not a musician. He said everything going on at MUSIGA is concert and joke.“They better give that position to a business-oriented person, somebody who is not a musician. Somebody who has his money already and have the mind of doing business to run that position and stop that concert party they are doing there”

Asked to rank Obour’s tenure as president on a scale of 1-10, he replied “one, yes I will rate him one and even that one, it’s because of the measures he put in support of veteran musicians. The truth is, he hasn’t done much, I mean personally, he has not done much for me while in office. You understand right, I mean I know Obour, he is not my enemy but I can’t lie that he has done so much when in office”

Kwaisey Pee commenting on the controversial Ghs2m given to the union, he said “Remember when Obour was given Ghs2m. When asked what he did with the money, Obour said he used the money for research, how? Ghs2m for research? Bessa Simons was part of his administration yet he sees nothing wrong with it. Obour said, he will only do account to the attorney general and no one else. Look, the bottom line is, no musicians should near that place including me because the corruption will still continue even if I’m the one there. Every musician will use that office or that position to enrich themselves”

Kwaisey Pee revolved around playing with various bands like Jewel’s Ackah’s Butterfly Six and Nana Tuffour’s Sikadwa Band, playing at gigs in different parts of the country.

From shows in Europe and in the USA, Kwaisey shuttles back and forth Ghana.

He is currently promoting his new single “Ma Br3” which features sensational female vocalist Yaa Yaa.

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Source: svtvafrica.com
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