Music Thu, 13 Jan 2011

MUSIGA president confirms she will not go for re-election

Musician Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) president, Diana Hopeson, has confirmed media speculations that she will not stand for re-election for a second term in office as MUSIGA president.

Diana who is ending her four-year tenure in office later this year said she thinks her term is enough adding she is satisfied with what she achieved during her reign.

Speaking to Lexis Bill on Day Break Hitz on Hitz FM Wednesday she said, “I think, for me, four years is enough because the things I wanted to do, I have been able to do and I can’t do everything, and I am happy with what I have been able to do.

“Of course there is pressure but that is a good challenge and if you are able to stand to it, it's good,” she added.

Diana has been absent from the music scene for some time now, this, she blamed on the busy schedules that comes with the presidency adding its greatly affected her career.

“I can’t do the two. [After four-years in active leadership], I think it’s long enough for me to move on and go back to what I really like. The sacrifices are just too much and there is a limit that one can go…”

Diana conceded that the association has been plagued with challenges of unity and elections, but they are natural phenomena.

“Initially during the election time, there were a lot of competitors and it brought a lot of [issues]…at the end of the day, elections are organized just to choose a leader and I believe that once a leader is chosen, everybody should come together to help make a better organization or association or institutions for all. That was what I looked forward to,” she said.

She noted, “Now we are all together, there are no divisions at all. Everybody is ready to build. We have seen that nobody will do it for us so all the musicians have come together…We all want to see a vibrant music industry.”

MUSIGA will be going to the poll in August to elect a new president.

Source: Myjoyonline.com