Making loud noises during sex is a crime - Maurice Ampaw

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Mon, 6 Dec 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw suggests couples make low sounds when making love

He indicates making loud noises while having sex violates human rights

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw warns parents to desist from bathing with their children

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has warned couples who make noise when making love to seize with immediate effect because it is an offence that could land one in the court of law.

According to the lawyer in an interview with United Showbiz, screaming indicates a form of sexual satisfaction among couples, but the action by either one or both couples is tantamount to noise-making that disturbs the peace of the public.

He suggested that when couples make love, it is acceptable to moan in low tones when hitting their climax.

"We don't have sex and make noise; you don't shout. Nuisance is noise-making, and everybody must have the right to have peaceful enjoyment," he said.

He further stated making loud noises during sex is a violation of Human Rights in the ears of a non-participant.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw also warned parents to desist from bathing or going naked in front of their children as he related it to Akuapem Poloo's arrest.

Akuapem Poloo's arrest and imprisonment over the publication of some obscene material together with her son, according to the lawyer, is something most parents are guilty of in their homes.

"What Akuapim Poloo did, a lot of parents are guilty of that. Every father who baths with his daughter, your daughter is 10/11 years; as for me, my wife is dead, and my daughter is 12 years. If you take a look at Ofeibea's (his daughter) physic and she's in the bathroom, then I also go into the bathroom to go and take my bath at the same time.

"In law, maybe that thing is not public. So if I take a video of it and put it out in public, I will be guilty. Morally is it good? To me, it is obscene because you will expose your grown-man genitals to a child of 12 years", he said.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com