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Marriage counsellors have nothing to offer, try your parents - Caleb Nii Boye

Radio presenter speaks on marriage counselling

Why the need for counselling before marriage

Couples told to seek marriage advice from parents

Lover birds who plan on settling as husband and wife usually subject themselves to months of marriage counselling with pastors or relationship coaches.

Many believe that marriage counselling gives both parties a better understanding of their new journey and how to resolve conflict when it arises.

But according to radio personality, Caleb Nii Boye, who doesn't subscribe to counselling from men of God, it is better for the man and woman to have a personal session with their parents who are sure to give in-depth information on marriages due to their years of practical experience.

He also stated that pastors who take couples through counselling in their churches must have at least 20 years of experience.

Caleb made this point during his submission on GhanaWeb TV's Moans & Cuddles with host, Paula Amma Broni.

"Do you know that there is no pamphlet for marriage? Most of us when we want to get married, we go and sit in some pastor's office. They say they are doing counselling.

"These Counsellors you go to have nothing. The first person to counsel you going into your marriage should be your parents. If your mother tells you what to do note that she has gone through or experienced the reasons she is sharing with you. Why is it that your mothers have been in their marriages for ten to thirty years and you will go in and something small, you are running," he chided new couples.

When asked if he will ever sign onto a church marriage counselling, he answered saying: "I am not sure, I would love to speak to my parents more. In fact, I will use my wife's parents as counsellors than go and sit in front of a pastor to counsel me. Even if the person is a pastor, he must have at least 20 years of experience."

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