Maurice Ampaw calls for Agradaa’s arrest

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Mon, 20 Jun 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Maurice Ampaw defends Joyce Blessing

Nana Agradaa publicly shames Joyce Blessing

Management of Joyce Blessing says 'drunk' video is old

Popular Ghanaian legal practitioner, Maurice Ampaw, is seeking the arrest of Nana Agradaa, a former fetish priestess, for what he has described as an attempt to tarnish Joyce Blessing’s integrity.

Earlier, Agradaa in a bid to chide the gospel singer shared a video of her, supposedly ‘drunk’, almost naked and professing love to a man.

Nana Agradaa whiles sharing the video claimed it is proof that the singer was cheating on her husband.

Issues relating to the video have since been topical on social media and efforts by Joyce Blessing’s management to control the damage have proven futile. The management in a press statement asked the public to disregard the video, saying it was old. Besides, the statement said Joyce Blessing recorded the said video for her husband.

Things further escalated when Joyce Blessing’s husband denied ever being the recipient of that particular video.

Although some Ghanaians have asked that Joyce Blessing be cut some slack, others have brutally lambasted the singer for engaging in what has been described as ‘shameful’ conduct.

But private legal practitioner, Maurice Ampaw, is strongly advocating for Nana Agradaa’s arrest adding that leaking Joyce Blessing’s video which exposes her nudity among others is defamatory.

Maurice Ampaw who believes Nana Agradaa shouldn’t be allowed to go scot-free has called on the police to take up the issue.

“Do we allow one person to destroy her? Should we sit and watch Joyce Blessing commit suicide before we know how serious this issue is? Publishing that video of Joyce Blessing alone is a crime because that video contains obscene materials. Someone should warn Nana Agradaa that she will account for every video of Joyce Blessing circulating that exposes her nudity and so on. IGP, Ghana police, I call on you to take over. Agradaa should be arrested," Ampaw remarked.

"You can’t bring her down nobody can bring you down Joyce. Don’t think you can bring her down. Everybody has struggles, especially in marriages but the maturity is that it should be kept secret. Joyce Blessing’s issue is not an isolated issue. We are all in this soup. She isn’t the first person to drink wine nor is she the first person to fornicate. Whatever she has done is in the past. We are all hypocrites, especially Christians,” the lawyer fumed on his ‘Mmraa ne Abrabo’ show on Movement TV.

A section of individuals including the likes of gospel singer Cwesi Oteng, Mr. Logic are also calling on the gospel singer to take legal action against Agradaa.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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