Men must always be prepared to die for the woman they love – Life coach

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Sun, 6 Jun 2021 Source: happyghana.com

Author, corporate trainer and life coach, Richard Akita, has encouraged men to always be prepared to die for the woman they love.

This comment came during an interview with host, Nana Yaw Odame on eTV Ghana’s male talk show, the Men’s Lounge while discussing the pros and cons of office romance and the issue of employees being sacked when they are discovered to be dating.

In his opinion, even though there are rules against office romance and breaking of that rule can lead to being sacked, people cannot fully be blamed when they fall in love with someone from their workplace because like the saying goes, nobody tells the heart when or where to fall in love.

He noted that matters of the heart need to be dealt with cautiously. Speaking from the man’s perspective, he said, “If a man feels he’s in love with a woman, then he must be prepared to take the relationship to the top so if I’m in love with a woman from my workplace, I must be prepared to lose my job for the woman”.

Richard asserted that marriage is a high call especially for men, hence, “as men, we must be prepared to die for the woman we love. Breaking the rules, I don’t encourage it but if it happens, you have to man up and face it”, he further concluded.

Source: happyghana.com