Michael Blackson re-unites with girlfriend, both agree to keep one side chick every month

BLACKSON4.png Michael Blackson and his girlfriend, Mzz Rada

Thu, 22 Jul 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Michael Blackson and his girlfriend are back together

• The two have agreed to keep side chicks every month

Michael Blackson proposed to his girlfriend during the Breakfast Club reality show

Michael Blackson has rekindled his relationship with his girlfriend, Mzz Rada after they publicly announced their breakup months ago.

He re-proposed to his girlfriend during the popular American reality TV show ‘The Breakfast Club’ on Thursday, July 22, 2021.

Per the terms of the union, Michael Blackson, together with his girlfriend who is allegedly bisexual, have agreed to keep side chicks every month.

“We negotiated that I’m going to have one side b*tch a month. I realized that it’s just ain’t me to live that life. She is loving and doesn’t want anything, nothing at all from me. She doesn’t want any press, money or anything at all. I’ve never had a woman that is this loyal to me.”

Emphasizing on his decision to reignite the relationship, the American actor said he has never had any girlfriend as loyal as Rada.

“I do love her. I really feel Rada is the one. She’s been to Africa to meet my mother. I’ve never had a woman that has my back like her,” he stated.

It can be recalled that a few months ago Michael Blackson allegedly parted ways with his fiancée.

Miss Rada who initiated the break-up took to social media on May 17, 2021, to announce that her relationship with the comedian which lasted for a couple of years has ended.

Not stating her exact reasons for the fallout, the beautiful brand influencer and socialite, revealed that Michael Blackson has some “internal issues” which need fixing.

Watch how Michael Blackson proposed to his girlfriend below

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