Moans&Cuddles: No man is obligated to ‘maintain’ his girlfriend – Delali Dzansi

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Tue, 2 Nov 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

• Women have been advised to limit their demands

• Delali Dzansi says no man is obligated to give his girlfriend money

• He adds that women are also not obligated to give their boyfriends sex

Women have been advised to lower their expectations when it comes to things they expect from their boyfriends in a relationship.

Businessman, Delali Dzansi speaking on Moans&Cuddles on GhanaWeb TV on the topic "Performing spousal duties in relationships" argued that no man is obligated to maintain and cater for his girlfriend.

According to Mr Dzansi, a man is only obligated to maintain a woman when he is legally married to her.

"Before I met you, you were looking good so how were you maintaining that?" he quizzed.

Delali told host of Moans&Cuddles, Paulina Dedaa Opoku that some women expect more from their boyfriends, this he adds is unacceptable.

"So as soon as I met her I have to maintain what I have seen. It is not my obligation to do that as I am not married to you. I have to notice that this is my girlfriend, once in a while, I should spend a little on her. It shouldn't be a regular, like weekly amount of money but fine if I have it in abundance," he said.

Recounting his experience he intimated: "I quite remember, an ex-girlfriend of mine reported me to my mother that I don't give her money but I was like, I am not married to you... I am not a stingy man. I am not obliged to take care of you we are in a relationship, it is a mutually beneficial relationship it is not about money."

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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