Moans & Cuddles: Why a section of men are intimidated by women who pay the bills

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Thu, 10 Mar 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Rich women told to respect their partners

Women advised against belittling their 'poor' partners

Mystic tells women to stop giving men drama because they pay the bills

The Managing Editor of blakkpepper.com, Mystic Mike, has disclosed that no man feels comfortable having his female partner disrespect him all because she pays the bills.

The disrespect that these men face from wives and girlfriends in their relationship, cause them to reject offers for fear of "constant referrals".

According to Mystic, some women who are well to do, have a habit of belittling their partners just because they are the ones providing for the house.

This attitude has caused men to shy away from well-established women.

Speaking on Moans & Cuddles with Paula Amma Broni on GhanaWeb TV, he admonished women to desist from such behaviours, while stressing that it is no big deal for a woman to support her husband or boyfriend financially.

Mystic told Paula Broni that he doesn't mind dating a rich woman who pays all the bills.

"For me, it will depend on the drama behind that giving. If you genuinely offer to pay when we go out and they are no drama, no reference to it in future conversations... if you fill my tank, I for once will not be alarmed because it is done out of the generosity of your own heart.

"The problem I reckon that males have with women who perform these deeds is the reference and constant referrals. That is what really triggers them because if you offered to pay for our dinner date, just as men have done since millennial, and it was your choice to do it, why does it have to become so monumental? In every disagreement it comes up, I paid money, I fed you, why should that become a problem? You opted, nobody forced you," he said.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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