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Moesha, 3 other celebrities whose repentance shocked Ghanaians

MOESHA AND CO.png Nana Agradaa, Moesha Bodoung and Wendy Shay have become full time Christians

Wed, 14 Jul 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

• These three celebrities have shocked Ghanaians with their decision to follow Christ

• They have given up their old lifestyles and towed the path of Christianity

• Fans are still in disbelief over their repentance

Some Ghanaian celebrities seem to have found the light and renewed their faith in God.

A decision that has left many in doubt and disbelief, perhaps it is as a result of their ‘wild’ lifestyles prior to their repentance.

After publicly accepting Jesus Christ, these celebrities have switched priorities as their personal and professional lives have begun to reflect their new Christian lifestyle.

Some have even gone the extra mile to ditch their old professions in an effort to develop a closer relationship with Jesus.

Let's take a look at some three Ghanaian celebrities whose repentance shocked the country.

Moesha Boudong

Fans still cannot put themselves together into believing that Moesha has truly repented as she has said. Although the actress has publicly professed her new Christian path, fans are still in doubt about her sudden decision to switch up.

In essence, people cannot fathom why Moesha has abruptly decided to give up the glamorous celebrity lifestyle and pursue Christ.

It can be recalled that in a bid to prove her repentance, Moesha was captured in series of videos kneeling whiles crying profusely and thanking God for salvation in church.

She has since deleted all her raunchy photos and videos on social media to prove her new stance. She is also mostly seen lately evangelizing to her social media followers with no make-up on.

In a separate development, the actress was rescued from committing suicide as it has been alleged that her past demons were haunting her.

After being rescued, Moesha spoke about her past life whilst preaching the gospel to some eyewitnesses who surrounded her at that time.

Scores of Ghanaians have since believed that Moesha's decision to commit suicide somewhat proves that she is battling depression and as such needs medical and spiritual care.

Nana Agradaa

The popular fetish priestess ‘Agradaa’ denounced her 'gods' and announced her conversion to Christianity, adopting the new name 'evangelist' Patience Asiedu.

Her repentance caused a stir on social media as many have doubted her decision to pursue Christianity. Some individuals were of the view that her ‘so-called’ repentance is just a calculated plan to somewhat avoid arrest.

One can recall that Nana Agradaa who claimed to have had an encounter with Jesus Christ destroyed her deities to prove her seriousness.

Nana Agradaa, who owned two television stations in Kasoa used it to propagate her activities until her arrest and the shutdown of the two stations.

In that regard, she was convicted and sentenced to a fine of GHS36,000 on the charge of operating a Television station without a license, and GHS10,000 on the charge of “charlatanic advertisement”.

Wendy Shay

Fans are still in shock about the Rufton Record signee’s sudden decision to tow the path of Christianity.

‘Repented’ Wendy Shay seizes the slightest opportunity to preach about Jesus Christ to her fans who are still in awe of her new journey. Wendy who is fond of stirring controversies on social media with her ‘Ghana stand up’ tweets seems to have truly repented as she does not react to issues anymore like she used to.

It can be recalled that the ‘Shay on you’ hitmaker came under immense criticism following her weird fashion sense and numerous piercings.

Among other speculations on social media, Wendy Shay was accused of being a drug addict. But in recent times Wendy who has publicly announced her encounter with Christ is now living a ‘lowkey’ life.

In a bid to prove her repentance, she has ditched all her skimpy-looking clothes and changed her usual wild look. Wendy has since resorted to a classy yet descent look as she is mostly captured wearing suits and blazers nowadays.

This article was first published on May 5, 2021.

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