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Moesha advised to take a break from social media

Moesha Boduong Black Sexy Actress Moesha Boduong

Wed, 14 Jul 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

• Actress Moesha Buduong went viral following her recent revelation

• The born again actress has indicated that she will no longer sleep with men

• The actress has been advised to take a break from active social media

Ghanaian actress and former slay queen, Moesha Buduong, has been advised to take a break from social media and focus on her new journey with Christ Jesus.

The actress has come under attack by some persons who are questioning the credibility of her new status as a born again Christian.

Tagged as Accra's slay queen, the actress is among Ghanaian women on social media who are considered to be living their best lives. You name it, from flying first class to driving exotic cars and the flaunting of mansions, actress Moesha Buduong has experienced it all.

"All these girls who have looked at my lifestyle, saying that they want to be like Moesha, you have been there and can testify that it isn’t easy. It’s not easy at all, some go and some die. Some go and die. Some of these girls go and die because of the wrong men they sleep with. They take our glory; you know they take out our glory. When God created us, He gave all of us wealth and power. All these men do is sleep with us and take our glory and give us peanuts,” Moesha revealed in a viral video.

However, in her latest revelation, she explained that despite the fame and riches, she wasn’t a “happy child” but has now understood the real meaning of life after surrendering to Christ. Her journey hasn’t been easy as it was earlier reported that the actress tried committing suicide.

Speaking on the back of Moesha’s predicaments, Counsellor Frank Edem Adofoli has stated that now is the best time for her to take a break from social media.

“In the public domain, a lot of things she’s posting out there, I think some of the commentary and how she gives meaning to it will not be helpful to her because people don’t understand what she’s going through. Some of the things she will read can also affect her situation.

“She needs a break, this is a total reflection of herself, her own relationship; it’s a new journey she has begun now. She needs to focus on that journey and start taking baby steps. This public attraction and this whole thing is not helping now. Yes, you have announced to the public that you are a new person but you need that private time to work on yourself," said Counsellor Adofoli in an interview with GhanaWeb.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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