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My DMs buzz with testimonies from my songs – Black Sherif

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Wed, 25 May 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Black Sherif speaks on the impact of his music

Black Sherif on why he makes relatable tunes

Fans share ‘mind-blowing’ experiences with Black Sherif’s songs

Fast-rising Ghanaian musician, Ismail Mohammed Sherif, popularly known as 'Black Sherif' has highlighted some heartwarming testimonies he usually receives from fans whenever he makes songs.

Blacko’s tunes have been described as the type that deeply resonates in the hearts of many, due to their relatable lyrics and street hustling vibes.

But the ‘Kwaku the Traveler’ hitmaker has disclosed that there is more to that and this according to him, is evident in the sort of feedback he receives from fans.

Buttressing his point during an exclusive interview with Elsie Lamar on Talkertainment, ‘Blacko’ established that asides from the compliments flooding his DMs on a daily, there have been instances where people have disclosed how his songs have saved them.

In essence, Blacko’s songs have been described as therapeutic by some fans who have come across them.

“My fans found Black Sherif. They went behind the music to appreciate me. Someone texted me and said bro I swear to God your song really saved me. Bro God bless you. Others also text me to share their relatable experiences with the song and how it has helped them. Some also tell me how I’m making bangers and good songs and all. It’s the emotions and how I make my music. You see me putting myself in it and giving my all in that,” he stated.

In all his tunes transcending from ‘Ankonam’, ‘Money’, First and Second Sermon through to ‘Kwaku the traveler’, one message cuts across and that is the hustling nature of the Ghanaian youth which is a tough reality.

Watch the video below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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